Enabling rebrands to Wedoo
Why the change of face?

Wedoo, (formerly Enabling) is the 2019 Odoo best starter partner in the Asia Pacific region and NZ's largest Odoo partner. However, before becoming NZ's leading Odoo experts, Enabling held (and still holds) top position as Australasia's largest Sage 300 partner. 

In fact, we hit a fork in the road when we discovered Odoo as a product.

In 2019, a lost client within the aviation industry provided the most valuable insight. The complexity, breadth and functionality that this client required from their business software could not adequately be found in existing Enabling offerings of MYOB, Advanced, Microsoft Nav and Sage. As a result this client was lost to a new business software solution…. Odoo.

Herein lies the light bulb moment.

Our commitment has always been and continues to be 'better business'. This commitment to always be better, and do better requires the best business software solution. Yet, we saw first hand how our current offerings fell short of the flexibility and complexity that this aviation client required. 

Enabling has been a long-time supporter of Sage.  Repeatedly awarded Sage business partner of the year for over a decade. The three directors have combined experience of over 90 years working with the product! But we had to acknowledge that Sage hasn’t been keeping it up to date and products like MYOB and Microsoft Nav just didn't have the flexibility that today's innovative, productivity focused organisations need..

The hard, expensive, but right decision was made. We had to go all in on Odoo.

Enabling adopted Odoo as our flagship ERP offering and we’ve had great success with it.

Introducing Wedoo

Our team lives, breathes and operates in Odoo. So while our team and our values haven't changed, the way we operate, our speed to implement and cost effectiveness sure has. That's what amazing software enables us to do.

We believe that Wedoo better reflects our future.

At the core of Wedoo is our valued customers with whom we share a common passion for growth, innovation and to always be better and do better. 

Together, ‘Wedoo’ better business.

With Odoo's growth rate continuing to skyrocket, this new generation ERP is set to bring in a new era in business software solutions. One that is affordable and accessible to all businesses. 

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