Switching from Sage to Odoo
Switching from Sage to Odoo

Switching from Sage to Odoo will allow your business to be more agile, efficient and productive. How do we know that? We're doing it! 

Not only are we actively switching clients over from Sage to Odoo but we have committed to Odoo as a primary product and we have made the switch ourselves. 

Not often do you see a business so diligently and deliberately living by their word. You can read the full story of that transformation here.

Let’s make an assumption. If you’ve come this far, you’re likely to have been thinking that your Sage system won’t support the way you want your business to grow.

There are many accounting software offers on the market capable of providing the features and reporting functions accountants need, but where should the search for the best choice begin? Most growing businesses who use a standalone accounting system like Xero or QuickBooks will also use a commercial management solution for their business operations. This solution then needs to be integrated with their operational software to save time and resources. This is not an effective option for those used to integrated all-in-one business management solutions.  For your business, this solution has been Sage. As the leading Sage solution consultants in NZ, we know the ins and outs of your business software. It's a question we get from our Sage clients all the time - what should we do when Sage is no longer a good fit for our business? 

Our Verdict

We believe that Odoo offers the best future-focused business management solution in the market for those currently using Sage.

Odoo is an open source software that is available in three versions, of which two are local and one is hosted in the cloud. More than 37,000 business apps are available in Odoo's app store thanks to the multiple developments made by Odoo and its community. The unique feature of the cloud-hosted version of Odoo is the full integration with the rest of the Odoo ecosystem. Odoo offers more than 30 core apps, all connected to the same database, which cover many business cases ranging from sales and CRM to inventory and manufacturing.

Odoo's Unique Value Proposition

Odoo’s open source model and strong technical foundations provides a very unique framework with top notch usability that scales across all its apps. Usability improvements made on Odoo will apply to all of its fully integrated apps. This ultimately means, Odoo evolves much faster than any other ERP solution or small accounting software in the market.

Graph Odoo Value Propostion


  • 7M+ Odoo users
  • Spanning 120+ countries
  • 3500+ Odoo Partners

Sage to Odoo Integration:  Sage --> Odoo

Enabling boasts the largest, New Zealand based Odoo team. We have developed a direct data conversion tool which takes a considerable amount of transaction history from Sage into Odoo. Odoo is completely web based and Wedoo offers hosting in house or on the cloud.  Contact our team today for a demo. We can't wait to present you with this next generation ERP system. 

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Take a video tour of Odoo

Imagine integration that's as easy as clicking an app. Need CRM - click and add. How about website building? Click and add. Project Management? You guessed it. Click and add. With Odoo, you're entering the realm of what modern ERP can do and should look like. Don't believe us? Check out these short videos. Please note - the following are a small selection of the applications available to you in Odoo. For more information, let's organise a chat.

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